An Arrival from the Country Emma makes her debut in Feldane, having newly arrived from her mother's country home at Irene's invitation.

Ladylike Emma takes breakfast with the Duchess and Captain Cyrus. Taleyn joins and Emma tries to set a ladylike example.

Good with a Sword Another gathering in the Feldane parlor finds that Emma is full of surprises.

A Will of Her Own Emma and Cousin Errol talk in the library. He has made assumptions.

Youthful Exhuberance Taleyn and Emma have a long chat in the parlor. Taleyn enthuses.

Honor Emma wanders into a duel between Commander Erasmus and another Mandrake. The two share a drink back at the Feldane townhouse.

Impertinence Emma meets Taleyn and others in Surya's and Taleyn shows them a letter.

Lucky Emma gives Erasmus a warning about the duel he's to fight with Taleyn.

Charms Irene speaks to Emma about her taste in men.

Fire Aplenty Culver and Emma meet.

Feldane Bonding Emma explores the castle's new fencing salon and ends up going on an Adventure with Errol, Erasmus and Brand.

Great Minds Emma and Errol meet in the library again.

The Rose That Broke the Camel's Back Emma brings Erasmus a rose.

Mercy Emma helps Erasmus get rid of the massive flower delivery he has received.

On the Battlements The scene with Emma and Erasmus continues on the battlements.

Plots Emma and Lady Raphaela plot and plan.

Wild Rumpus A night of debauchery in the new Mead Hall.

Null Hypothesis Emma meets Mozart; it doesn't go well.

Dinner and Madness Erasmus takes Emma on their first (and only) Real Date.

Bold and Brazen Emma and Cyndre talk in the coffeehouse.

One Pearl Earring Emma loses an earring; Cyndre drags her to the Mead Hall to mourn her loss.

A Warm Friendship A visit to Cyndre's smithy ends up building a friendship.

Coffeehouse Chat More chat in the coffeehouse.

Etiquette Anae and Emma speak about manners.

The Fox and the Hound Culver and Emma run into one another on a fox hunt.

Shrew, Untamed Emma meets Leto de Sorgo, is offended, and then talks for a good while with one of the Windchaser brothers.

Winter's Return Erasmus pays Emma a visit at the Feldane townhouse and breaks things off between them.

Consolation Prize Emma and Taleyn discuss the latest events in Emma's life, and they open the gift Erasmus left for her.

Well-Paid Errol checks on his cousin after she's had too much wine.

Questions Basil attempts to inquisition Emma; Emma stonewalls him.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Fireball Emma gets into a fight and earns herself a nickname.

Territoriality Emma has a run in with Prince Caine in the coffeehouse.

Zombie Gris Gris Emma and Niklas go hunting and get just a bit more than they bargained for.

Kicking Mordred While He's Down The aftermath of Miranda's kidnapping, in which Emma seeks out Mordred for retribution.

Luau at the Silver Wall Emma, Miranda and Corwin have a few drinks at a luau at the Silver Wall.

Angels, Demons and Louboutins Emma takes a vacation in Vladimir's castle, and as always, horrible things happen.

Shady's -er, Emma's - Back! New logs!

Just a Dash of Fencing Dashton and Emma fence with words and blades, and Emma's sister Lisette joins them. (New from 2018.)

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